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Holiday apartments in Rome

Stay at our apartment in Rome and feel like home!


We are a family offering our apartments in Rome for short stays. We are the owners and there are no intermediaries asking for a commission - with us you can be sure of the best price and quality.

We offer 3 apartments in Rome. Belvedere - our apartment with terrace situated in Trastevere / Monteverde Vecchio. Vaticana - our apartment very close to Saint Peter's Church and Lavinia - our beach accommodation, just 60km from Rome.

Belvedere apartment

One of the best places to stay in Rome, Belvedere is located in upper Trastevere: a classic furnished vacation apartment with stunning terrace and views. Stay off the noise and chaos, enjoy a wonderful holiday at Belvedere apartment in Rome.

Vaticana apartment

Elegant holiday apartment in Rome. Vatican area: This beautiful apartment is located close to the famous Vatican museums and Saint Peter's church. Decorated with antique furniture and marble floors. Excellent connection with train, metro and buses.

Lavinia apartment

If you are looking for a beach holiday near Rome, Lavinia is one of the best choices.
Lavinia is a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy the seaside. At Lavinia people can enjoy the Mediterranean sea various sports activities and seafood restaurants.